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Project Planner Reader - You can download a  project plan viewer / reader  to read files created by SmartWorks Project Planner. This reader is absolutely free for commercial use and  you may download it from here. This reader can also read most of the project plans (MPP files) created by MS-Project as well. Now you can share your project plans with all the stake holders of your project absolutely free.  All you need to do is to convert the project plans created by MS-Project and SmartWorks Project Planner in to PPR (Project Planner Reader) files and send them across to all the interested stake holders of your project.  In case of project plans created by SmartWorks Project planner you have a finer control of what exact views you would like to be exported so that it can be seen by specific stakeholders. You may also password protect the plans when you convert them as PPR files.

The Project Planner reader allows the PPR files to be viewed as Gantt charts, Network diagrams, Cost / Resource graphs etc. In order to understand how you and your customers can benefit from the project planner reader and SmartWorks  please go through the article on
sharing project plans.

SmartWorks Project Planner reader also serves as free Microsoft© project viewer. You can convert MS-Project's MPP files into Project Planner Reader (PPR) files and use Project Planner reader to read them. This way you have got yourself a free ms project viewer.

Click here to download the English Project Planner Reader
Click here to download the Projekt Planner(Deutsch) Reader

SubmitFile.com - 5 star rating for SmartWorks Project Planner Reader

SharewarePlaza - 5 star rating for SmartWorks-Project Planner Reader 1.0
If you face any problems in installing or using the reader, please contact us
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